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Cindy White

Memorial created 06-22-2007 by
Cindy White
Brandon Calvin Kaut
October 12 1984 - January 27 2007

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01-27-2009 3:07 PM -- By: Lisa ,  From: TN  

Prayers are being said for your family on this anniversary day.  May you find peace.

01-27-2009 3:05 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Lighting A Candle In Your Meory...


01-15-2009 8:58 PM -- By: Jamie Olsen,  From: Rockland, MA  

 I just wanted to see how you're doing? And also to let you know I haven't forgotten about Brandon & all of you at this very difficult time. Take care:)

10-12-2008 10:55 PM -- By: robyn,  From: mississippi  

happy birthday brandon..your family will be in my prayers tonight

09-02-2008 2:06 PM -- By: jennie,  From: indiana  

what a great memorial... RIP my friend..

09-02-2008 10:45 AM -- By: Jessica Cruz,  From: Ohio  

Hello sweet Cindy and Angel Beandon,

I think of you often. You are not forgotton. Your in my heart forever.

08-29-2008 12:21 AM -- By: Colleen Hosler,  From: MD  

Dear Cindy,

thank you for visiting Chris's site on his birthday, the kindness of others does help.  You sweet angel Brandon is a faboulous artist, I loved his work


Chris's mom

06-24-2008 3:18 AM -- By: joseph miller,  From: Rich Hill MO  

I miss u brandon think bout u everyday. R.I.P. BROTHER. see u in heaven.

06-16-2008 12:26 PM -- By: Clores^i^ Isabella Carvalho's Mom,  From:  

Very sorry for your loss,i lost my daughter Isabella december 13th 2004 in a car accident she was only 21.My prayers are with you and family.God bless your heart.

Take Care

Clores^i^ Isabellas Mom

05-30-2008 12:32 PM -- By: Jessica Cruz,  From: Ohio  

Thinking of you sweet Cindy- Please know I think of Brandon and you a lot. I hope you are doing well I havn't heard from you in a while and I miss you. Please take care of yourself-Love Jessica

05-30-2008 9:39 AM -- By: Nay,  From: GA  

Hi Cindy,

I just found the kids on this site. I visit them at Fag. You have set up a very nice memorial for them. May God bless you and know that I am thinking of you.

05-26-2008 6:17 PM -- By: Tim Melech,  From: Somewhere in Mo  

i dont know what to say.......i just found out. iv been serving in iraq....... .......

05-07-2008 8:44 PM -- By: Diane,  From:  

Hi Brandon,

Just thinking about you, your mom and family.

Much love to you Brandon always.

Gerrick's mom, Diane

05-07-2008 5:02 PM -- By: Dee,  From: Abilene, KS  

 Love and hugs  for you and mom today Brandon!

I know she misses you alot. I hope you and Rusty are sharing your love of art in heaven. I still have pictures he painted and also some he drew on my walls.

Mother's day just isnt the same without our sons, so let mom know you are always close by. Rusty has been in heaven for almost 3 years now. It does get easier as the years pass by but oh how I miss him!

Cindy thank you for visiting Rusty's memorial. I will be thinking of all the moms everywhere this coming Sunday. Please know you are in my prayers!

This is a beautiful tribute to Brandon ! Love and God bless, Dee

05-07-2008 4:32 PM -- By: Jessica Cruz,  From: Ohio  

My dear friend Cindy,

It is so good to hear from you!! I often wonder what you are up to and how you are doing. I really hope you are well. I miss talking to you Cindy.  I always think of Brandon everytime I think of you.

With all my heart. May your Mother's Day be peaceful and filled with happy memories.

04-17-2008 8:14 PM -- By: Jean,  From: Tennessee  

Brandon, It seems you were one great  son to your parents. Your family surely miss you so much every minute of the day. I pray God gives them comfort  until you are all united again. Take care of your little brother and God bless your dear Mom... Love, Jean...

04-16-2008 1:39 PM -- By: mom,  From: home  

Good morning sweetheart....just stopping in to send you and Shannon many, many hugs and kisses on the cheek. I love you both very much....I listened to some of your music today, first time I could sit down and hear that beautiful voice. You were just remarkable. I keep thinking that you would have went so far. I am so proud of you. I was making you a new floral arrangement for summer the other night. You have laughed at Triston because he has one made for you too, problem is I'm going to get some more flowers for his....looks kind of bare but, it was his thoughts and love for you that mattered. I spoke to Mr. Swisher this morning about your scholarship, he was telling me how great Kendall was doing in Art class. He said he had a checker board piece on display in the commons area.  I guess both your brothers took the creative talents also.....you were their inspiration, their mentor, their hero. You were my son, best friend in the whole world...I miss you.

04-11-2008 9:53 AM -- By: Hayden & Judy Hall,  From: Watersmeet, Mi.  

Hi Angel Brandon, and your wonderful mom Cindy.  Thinking of you and your family today.  Sending you lots of love and hugs and wishes for a wonderful week-end.

03-17-2008 1:09 AM -- By: Tony,  From: Ironton,Ohio  

God Bless This Dear Family.

02-15-2008 10:08 PM -- By: Gerrick's mom, Diane,  From: Chicago  

Love to you Brandon, Shannon, and family.

Gerrick's mom,


01-28-2008 12:55 AM -- By: Lisa Villarreal,  From: Victoria Texas  

Happy Birthday sweet Angel Brandon. What a handsome angel you must be up in Heaven. My heart goes out to your family as I kmow how hard b-days are. I will pray for yu all to have the stength you need to make it through this difficult time.

May God Bless you! Lisa Villarreal- mother to Oscar Villarreal @ VM

01-27-2008 7:58 AM -- By: vonnie,  From: york pa.  

Hi, my name is Vonnie. I didn't know Brandon, but I can see from his memorial he was a very bright and talented young man. I am so sorry for your familys loss. I seen on the forum that today is the first year anniversary. I am so sorry because I know the pain your feeling. I wanted you to know I will be praying for you. Soon it will be my daughters second year anniversary. Her name is Heather Clapper, she also has a memorial here on vm. Please stop by and visit us. God bless you, and remember Brandon will always be with you, only in spirit now.


01-27-2008 3:26 AM -- By: Toni,  From: Just Look into Your Heart  

Dear Cindy and Angel Brandon,

Saw your message in the forum about Brandon's Angel-versary being today, so I wanted to drop in and give you very special hugs! I know how hard this must be for you, and I will hold you up in prayer today to find peace and comfort. Know Brandon is still with you and now watches over you! God Bless...Toni (Daughter to VM's Bonnie Pierce)

01-26-2008 9:53 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Brandon, Tomorrow will be your sadaversary. One year in heaven,so I will say happy 1st birthday in heaven.I know you will be rocking out in heaven.

To Brandons Family, I just wanted to stop in to send some warm hugs your way.Sending Best wishes to you also. Hugs Abound..Rose and VM's Juanita Smith

01-26-2008 8:53 PM -- By: mom,  From: MO  

Hi Brandon,

Sending you lots of hugs and kisses on the cheek. I love you and Shannon so very, very much.

One year ago, seems like just this very day, I relive the nightmare everyday.

01-26-2008 7:38 PM -- By: Dawn Bruce,  From: Wright City, MO  

My Dearest Cindy and Angel Brandon, I just wanted to stop by and send hugs to both you and your mom. I know that she misses you more everyday just as I do Christie. I hope that you and Christie are getting to know each other. Maybe you can help her with her poems.....You had such a wonderful talent for words and songs. I know that words cannot help today or anyday Cindy but just know that you are in my thoughts each and everyday. Many, many hugs to you. Dawn

01-22-2008 8:34 PM -- By: ashleigh barnett,  From: summersville  

very touching site i am a friend of amanda smith we took brandon to bible school a fewer summers when he is little:)

01-17-2008 9:57 AM -- By: With All My Love,  From:  

Hi, Brandon! Since, your memorial isn't up at that other place. I hope your family doesn't mind me stopping by to say, HI. I remembered the link your mom sent me to this place when I made those tokens for you. Hope all your family is having a blessed 2008 so far? ~With All My Love

01-17-2008 4:34 AM -- By: Brenda,  From: Mississippi  

Brandon, Thinking of you, Shannon and your mom.. Missing you all too.

Cindy, you are such a sweet person. Glad we meet. Just hate we met through the loss of our children.

Love and hugs,

01-15-2008 6:06 AM -- By: LAURA,  From:  

Hi Brandon, It's so good to see your handsome face again. I have missed visiting you. Just stopping by to send you and Cindy lots of love and hugs always. XOXOXO


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