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Cindy White

Memorial created 06-22-2007 by
Cindy White
Brandon Calvin Kaut
October 12 1984 - January 27 2007

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Brandon Kaut, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Brandon's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Brandon forever. Brandon *Artist, photographer, songwriter, musician* *Son, grandson, brother, friend* Brandon and his mother moved to the Appleton City, Taberville area when he was 18 months, and that's where he grew up. He was baptized at Pape Christian Church and attended school at Appleton City graduating in 2003 from Appleton City High School. In high school, Brandon had been active in art and drama classes which he loved and excelled. He liked working with computers and was a member of the Student Council, Foreign Language Club, Quiz Bowl Team, National Honor Society, and had one of his many poems published in Teachers' Selection Anthology of Eleventh Grade Poetry. Even though he had not been active in music classes in school he was very musical, writing songs, lyrics, poetry and playing guitar. During his last two years of high school Brandon had lived with his mentor, teacher and friend, Larry Swisher and wife Raymona. They became his second family in those years guiding and supporting him toward his goals. Following high school Brandon moved to Maryville, Missouri where he attended Northwest Missouri University. He had become very proficient at photography and planned to open his own studio. He had studied graphic design and was also very competent at web design. He was currently working at Kawasaki in Maryville and doing photography on the side. He loved having his family visit him and showing them all of the photos and graphic art work. He had a multitude of friends and just loved life. Brandon was tragically killed in an apartment fire at age 22. MySpace memorial Brandon went to be with his baby brother, Shannon White and two step-grandfathers, Green Morgan and Gordon White. Survivors include his father Kevin Howell of Ozark, Missouri; his mother Cindy and husband Gordon "G.C." White of Schell City, Missouri; two brothers, Kendall and Triston White of Schell City; paternal grandparents, George and Marilyn Howell of Summerville, Missouri and Janice Howell of Mountain Home, Arkansas; maternal grandparents Calvin and Verna Kaut of Summerville, Missouri; maternal step-grandparents Jay and June Jelks of Rockville, Missouri. A scholarship fund has been set up in the honor of Brandon, it is called the Brandon Kaut Art Scholarship fund through US Bank. Each year a student will be chosen to receive this from Appleton City High School to pursue my son's dream. The student receiving the scholarship will have to be furthering their education in either the Art/Photography field. "A Song For Triston" (Brandon Kaut) Last night for me to call this place home Cause after tomorrow I'll forget where I'm from Someday you'll understand Just why you're not exactly sure where I am One shoe, two shoe Neither shoe the same shoe Someday you'll see what I do Last night for me to see you happy Cause after tomorrow I'll forget that I used to be I'm sure you'll notice when I'm not here Cause you're the only one that seemed to care. (@mommy didn't give me blue eyes music) "She Took My Hand And Led Me Away" (Brandon Kaut) Packing my bags for a memory That I left a long time ago Wishing that I could see Just what tomorrow holds But the train isn't headed Out that way And I wouldn't let it Be any other way Put it in a letter For the end of the day I wish it was better Wish I had more to say I'm sitting out here For one last goodbye I hope that you'll care To know Aspen was a lie She said what I was looking for Has always been there with her But I won't knock on her door So I asked if she was sure Cause this train isn't coming Back any day And I wasn't wanting It any other way Smoking the night's last cigarette Wondering where I am Cause everything I'll ever get Has already passed through these hands And this train isn't going Where I'd want to stay And I get on not knowing It any other way (@mommy didn't give me blue eyes music) "The Way I Was That Day" (Brandon Kaut) I sat around watched films all day Trying to think of the words to say Tomorrow never came my way Tomorrow never changed my name I fount it hard to forget the past When her face brought back my last chance Tomorrow never seems to last Tomorrow never cared to go by fast I'm sorry for the things I never meant to say And all the things that seemed to get in the way I wish that you'd just say that it's all okay Promise me that you'll remember the way I was that day I'm in the mood to cry it out Try to forget just what it's all about Tomorrow never cared to come around Tomorrow never tried to take me off this ground (@mommy didn't give me blue eyes music)


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